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Author: Amiel T. Carreon, SRS-I, DOST3

Energy and Environment are part of the priority sectors under the Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP) which help local entrepreneurs not only to improve their productivity and competitiveness but also to give due regard to the preservation and conservation of the environment thru the use of sustainable sources of energy.

On June 21, 2021, the DOST3 approved the SETUP project entitled: “Ensuring Food Safety and Improving Energy Efficiency through the Adoption of New Technologies for Angel Farmers Gourmet Food Corp”. Through the SETUP iFund, this frozen fish and meat processor in Pampanga will be able to acquire Solar Power (Photovoltaic) PV Technology that will cost P2.8 million in order to achieve Greener Production. This green technology intervention for Angel Farmers consists of a package of 108 solar panels, 2 inverters with 30,000 watts capacity, mounting systems, online monitoring system and DC & AC parts and equipment.