Engr. Chelsie Pagatpatan interviews Councilors and Got Heart Foundation staff


 The Expanded Implementation of the Community Empowerment through Science and Technology (eCEST) program of DOST 3 continues to extend its project coverage in Municipality of San Jose, Tarlac. Going further into the hinterlands of the municipality, the eCEST team met with the Abelling community through the help of Got Heart Foundation, Inc.

 The technology Needs Assessment (TNA) was conducted last June 14, 2019 by PSTC-Tarlac Staff, Mr. Jonie Alere, and eCEST Staff, Engr. Chelsie Pagatpatan at Sitio Pisapungan, Brgy. Sula, San Jose, Tarlac. The TNA was attended by Chieftain Romy Tomas, and his council members. Got Heart Foundation staff, Ms. Liz Añalucas and Ms. Janica Jovillo, were also there to assist in the activity.

 Kaingin or slash and burn method of farming is predominant in the area where the Abellings grow a variety of root crops and vegetables. The Abellings still have to go to the lowlands to sell these commodities often at a very cheap price. To address this dire situation, the Got Heart Foundation implemented its Abelling Development Plan (ADP), through the help of I.L.O.V.E. Foundation, which calls for the development of social enterprise, cultural preservation, environmental conservation, and promotion of ecotourism.

 Water potability is also an issue among the Abellings who collect their drinking water from rivers and springs. The water sources usually get contaminated during the rainy season causing stomach pains and diarrhea.

 As the needs of the tribe were determined through this assessment, DOST hopes to address these with appropriate S&T interventions that will build a resilient and sustainable community.