Keeping our frontliners healthy, one veggie bun at a time.

The battle against COVID-19 might be long and tough, and so it should not be fought with an empty stomach. But during times of health crises like this pandemic, medical staff can hardly eat healthy food, and they mostly eat up on their feet as they brace themselves for another emergency. That’s why it is important that whenever they do get a chance to break for food, they should eat something nutritious and nourishing.


There has been a lot of heartwarming stories out on social media praising the good deeds of private individuals and companies donating food to our brave frontliners. In Region III, Lailen’s Pastries, known for its sweet and heavenly cakes in Pampanga, came up with a recipe for a nutritious veggie-bun made of malunggay leaves and squash as soon as the Department of Science and Technology requested for the implementation of the OneDOST Against COVID-19 Project. The bakery produced 10,500 veggie buns, freshly baked and delivered every other day to ensure the best quality for our frontliners.


Dr. Julius Caesar V. Sicat, regional director of DOST in Region III was inspired by the cooperation and support extended to the agency by some of its project beneficiaries and co-operators. Lailen’s Pastries is a beneficiary of the Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP). “We are indeed blessed that when we sounded the call for assistance so that we can implement the One DOST Against Covid-19 project, our program beneficiaries did not hesitate to lend a hand,” Dr. Sicat enthused. He also added that as a sign of solidarity with the community, DOST has approved a five-month moratorium on the repayment of funds granted under SETUP.

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