Delivering on its mandate to improve and encourage the conduct of health-related researches in Region III, the Central Luzon Health Research and Development Consortium (CLHRDC) recently conducted two activities to achieve this objective.

The first activity entitled, Regional Forum on Inventions and ICT in Health was held last April 29, 2014 at the Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology (NEUST) in Cabanatuan City. It was aimed at providing the participants with possible research areas in ICT applications in health.

Participants of the Regional Forum

The second activity was the Symposium on Health Research Projects in Region III held last May 30 at the Systems Plus College Foundation (SPCF) in Angeles City. Completed researches from CLHRDC member- institutions were presented and judged in three categories, namely, Oral Research Presentation, Professional and Student Categories and Poster Research Presentation,Student Category. 1st and 2nd placers on both categories of the Oral Research Presentation earned the right to represent the region in the 8thPhilippine National Health Research System Week Celebration in August this year.


The following were declared winners in their respective categories.

Oral Research Presentation Professional Category

Dr. Neil C. Tanquilut, (PAC)                                                      First Place

Hypoglycemic Activity of Antidesmabunius L and 

Mollugooppositifolia L Fresh and Alcoholic Extracts 

in the db/db Diabetic Mouse Model


Prof. Erwin C. Mina, (TSU)                                                       Second Place

Risk Evaluation of the Toxicity of Tubang

Amerikano (Jathropamultifida Linn.) Leaf Extract


Dr. Remedios D. San Jose (PAC)                                               Third Place

Gross and Histopathological Evaluation of Selected 

Internal Organs of Alloxan–Induced Diabetic Rats 

(Rattusnorvegicus) Treated with White Gourd Melon 

(BenincasahispidaCogn.) Extract


Oral Research Presentation Student Category

JeuzKoz A. Gelyz, et al. (AUF)                                                    First Place

Detection of Potential Anti-Quorum Sensing

Activity in Common Santan (IxorachinensisLam.)

Leaf Extracts on Pseudomonas aeruginosa


Mara Louella P. Sangilan, et al. (AUF)                                         Second Place

Determinaton of the Anti-Angiogenic Activity

of White Angel (Holorrhenaantidysenterica)

Leaf Extract Using Chorioallontoic Membrane Assay


Daniel Ian M. Berber, et al. (BPSU)                                             Third Place

Electronic Medical Record Using RFID Technology


Poster Research Presentation (Student Category)

Johnna N. Oliveria, et al. (BPSU)                                                 First Place

Blood Glucose Monitoring System with SMS Technology


Lei VanetteAlangui (AUF)                                                           Second Place

The Efficacy of Basil (Ocimumbacilicum) and

Bay (Laurusnobilis) as Repellent against

Common Houseflies (Muscadomestica)


Ms. Jean N. Guillasper, head of the CLHRDC-Research Utilization, Information and Communication Committee and over-all chairperson of the two activities, said that they will continue to implement strategies that will enhance the capacity of its members to conduct R and D projects.

CLHRDC is tasked to improve and encourage more collaborative health research projects in Region 3. The Department of Science and Technology III acts as the consortium secretariat.

Prof. John Micah Gabriel, one of the finalists in the oral research presentation – professional category

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