Author: Amado M. Dimalaluan Jr., PA-II, PSTC-Zambales

Four more schools in Zambales recently received interactive multimedia audio-visual teaching aids (IMTA) from the Department of Science and Technology in Region 3 (DOST- III).

Nagbayan Elementary School, Buenavista Elementary School, Balaybay Resettlement Elementary School, and Castillejos Elementary School, all in Castillejos each received a set of the teaching aids which also included a 40-inch HD LED TV.

The IMTA is especially suited in areas where access to the internet is absent. It contains lessons in science and mathematics which are curriculum-based. It is easy to use for both teachers and learners.

During the awarding ceremony,  Mr. Mario M. Celis, Coordinating Principal of  Dep Ed  Castillejos District, said, "Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give. In today’s situation, wherein education is at the highlight of transformation, the Castillejos District is so grateful and blessed to receive this Interactive Multimedia Audio-Visual Teach Aids. This will be of great help for both the teachers and learners. It will surely boost the academic performance of our learners as our teachers can introduce new  topics easily and will make the class more interesting, dynamic, and effective. Again, thank you so much for these gifts and we pledge to utilize these for the betterment and progress of the learners.”

To date, a total of eighteen (18) schools in Zambales have already received the IMTA technology, and an additional 16 more are scheduled to be delivered within the year.

This project is a component of the Community Empowerment through Science and Technology or CEST program of the DOSTwhich had been ably funded by Sen. Joel Villanueva since 2018.

A photo opportunity with the Regional CEST Staff, Officials of the Frontlearners Inc., School Heads, ICT Heads, Property Custodians, and the Science and Math Teachers during the deployment of Interactive Multimedia Audio Visual Teaching Aid Technology.


Mr. Leo De Velez conducted hands-on training on the operation of Interactive Multimedia Audio Visual Teaching Aid Technologies to the representatives of Castillejos Elementary School, Balaybay Resettlement Elementary School, Buenavista Elementary School, and Nagbayan Elementary School.