Author: John Adams R. Aguilera, Project Assistant II, PSTO-Bulacan

A group of farmers in Bulakan, Bulacan is set to reap the benefits of three agri-based projects implemented by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) under its Community Empowerment thru Science and Technology (CEST) program.

The Heneral Goyo Farmers Association (HGFA) received various planting toolkits, technological training, and technical assistance in the establishment of their “Pangkabuhayang Gulayan sa Barangay” project. These planting toolkits are the invention of Mr. Davis Pagayon, a member of the Filipino Inventors Society, which is composed of biofertilizers and farm tools. Other inputs such as crop nutrition supplements and hybrid vegetable seeds were also provided. By adding these farming technologies to the farmers’ conventional practices, the nutrients from these inputs will help to enhance crop health and soil quality which will increase crop growth, yield, and farmer's profit. Technology training on the proper utilization of project components, and technical assistance on land preparation, planting, and fertilization were also conducted.

The second project is the provision of various production equipment essential in establishing a Mushroom Growing Facility such as a shredder machine, mechanical bagger machine, and autoclave. All-important supplies and raw materials for building and operating a mushroom house were also included in the package of technologies provided. PSTO Bulacan also partnered with Min’s Miraculous Mushroom, a DOST Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP) beneficiary, to conduct technological training on proper usage of the equipment and technical training on oyster mushroom production which covered topics regarding spawn and culture production, fruiting bag production, proper farm management, and mushroom growing and harvesting. By providing these interventions, this farmers’ group will be pioneering mushroom cultivation in their town and making them more versatile in producing and marketing new products.

The third project involved the construction of a greenhouse with drip irrigation technology. This greenhouse can be utilized for farming high-value vegetable crops, herbs, and aromatic plants. Aside from drip irrigation, the greenhouse is also equipped with a line for a sprinkler system which can be used for seedling propagation and startup business. The greenhouse with drip irrigation is a modern technology and has the ability to maintain, control, and adapt to the temperature of the environment which is extra beneficial for plants’ nutritional growth. The herbs and aromatic plants can, in turn, be used by the LGBTQ+ Community, another DOST-assisted group, for the production of their health, beauty, and wellness products.

All these three projects are expected to improve the state of living of the members of the HGFA and is made possible in partnership with the Local Government of Bulakan, Bulacan through their Municipal Agriculture Office.

The implementation of the Community Empowerment thru Science and Technology Program in Central Luzon is ably supported by Sen. Joel Villanueva.

"Pangkabuhayang Gulayan sa Barangay Project"



"Mushroom Growing Facility Project"


"Greenhouse with Drip Integration Technology Project"