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The DOST-III Regional Standards and Testing Laboratory (RSTL) is a government-owned analytical testing laboratory that caters to the general public and government units alike. It acts as a third party laboratory that provides technical support to the food manufacturing, trading, and production sectors through the physico-chemical and microbiological tests it offers.


The RSTL tests various types of sample/products like drinking water, surface water, ground water, bottled water, agricultural and aquatic produce, semi-processed food, processed/packaged food, beverage, and wastewater.


To produce accurate and precise test results, the RSTL adopts and implements several quality assurance programs and quality control activities through adoption of the good laboratory practices. It has calibration and maintenance program of its equipment, proficiency testing, continuous improvement for its facility, personnel training programs, and a maintained and updated quality, process and technical manuals for its personnel to follow as working guide. It is in this effect that the RSTL is working out for its two laboratories towards accreditation to ISO 17025. Besides, the RSTL is now also preparing its intention to get recognition from DENR, DOH and other government laboratory recognition authorities.


This facility’s thrust to provide timely and highly needed tests is continuously observed. The ongoing national program of DOST to upgrade its regional laboratories, on which DOST-III RSTL belongs, prepares the RSTL to strengthen its capability and ability to reach the stakeholders – the MSMEs, students and academic units, households, and production grassroots.


Services of RSTL


Chemistry Laboratory:

Water testing

Wastewater testing

Nutrient content testing

Testing of food additive content

Nutrient fact computation

Water activity testing of food

Phytochemical testing of plant extracts

Microbiology Laboratory:

Microbiological potability of water

Microbiological load testing of food and beverage

Microbiological load testing of wastewater

Sterility of food packaging