The Department of Science and Technology’s Grants-In-Aid (GIA) program aims to harness the country’s scientific and technological capabilities to spur and attain a sustainable economic growth and development. Through the funding of relevant since and technology (S&T) undertakings, the GIA program is designed to contribute to productivity improvement and quality of life of Filipinos by generating and promoting appropriate technologies. It also aims to strengthen the participation of various S&T sectors particularly in research and development (R&D), promotion, technology transfer and utilization, human resource development, information dissemination, advocacy, and linkages.

The GIA program provides grants for the implementation of programs/projects identified in the current DOST priorities and thrusts and supports S&T activities classified in the General Appropriations Act (GAA).

Classification of S&T Programs and Projects Funded

  • Generation of Knowledge and Technologies
    • Fundamental / Basic Research
    • Applied Research
    • Experimental Development
    • Pilot Testing           


  • Diffusion of Knowledge and Technologies
    • Technology Transfer
    • Technology Receptor Capacity Building
    • Innovation Capacity-Building PAPs
      • Technology Needs Assessment and Technology Sourcing
      • Enterprise Development
      • Consultancy and Technical Advisory Services
      • Technology Matching Service
      • Preparation of Technology Commercialization Plan, Acquisition of Equipment and Provision of Technology System
  • Development of Human Resources for the S&T Sector
    • International, national, and local S&T workshops/seminars/meetings/ symposia/conferences
    • International, national, and local S&T competitions/quizzes/Olympiads


  • Provision of Quality S&T Services
    • Improving/upgrading the testing, measurement and calibration services of government laboratories and facilities
    • Development of Information Resources/Databases, National Surveys and General Purpose Data Collection
    • Testing and Calibration Services of R&D Institutes and other DOST Regional Offices
    • S&T Regulatory and Licensing Work
    • Publications/Bookwriting on S&T Including Subsidy/Grant to Science and Technology Journals
    • S&T Policy Development Including Secretariat Services and Management Support to S&T Programs and Projects
  • Other S&T Linkages Development/Promotion Activities